How to Transform the Look of Your Home by Tile cleaning

You all know that your tile flooring can really take a huge beating between kids leaving behind a lot of dirt and stains. With the holidays quickly approaching, having your tile floors looking their best is a must. So changing the colour of your grout in the kitchen, bathroom and floors can give your home a completely new look and feel. Grout re-colouring hides years of wear and tear whilst making a serious design statement. Over a time if your grout was old and in need of refreshing you needed to have the grout replaced. This involves removing the old grout and applying new grout. This was a costly job and not something you would enter into lightly.


There are two primary benefits to grout color sealant.  First, the sealant is water proof. What this means is that water and soil can no longer penetrate your grout lines.  Spills simply wipe up. The soil and water will pool on the surface of the grout, rather than absorbing into the grout channels. The second benefit to grout color sealing is the ability to change the appearance of your tile.  When you choose a color sealant, you also choose the new color. There are many colors to choose from and your technician will present you with a variety of colors that will work for you and your home.


Benefits of Tile and Grout Cleaning:-

  • Professional tile cleaners will also give your house a clean look. Even though you might be cleaning your tiled floors regularly you simply never get all the dirt. This is usually proven when the professional tile cleaners clean your house and you see quite visibly the difference between your regular cleaning and their cleaning. By using professional tile cleaners will add value to your home. This is especially true if you would like to sell your house. If the potential clients find your house well cleaned by professionals it will have the potential to fetch a better price.

  • Tile cleaning helps to target on mold and the bacteria that leads to mold growth. Not only does this help eliminate mold and moisture issues, it can also help prevent mold growth in the future. Professional tile cleaners use a powerful extraction wand to remove the Empowered Water cleaning solution and other hidden debris in your tile floor.

  • Proper care to tile and grout can change the whole appearance of a room, making it stand out even more with a clean floor. This is especially important if it is in the kitchen because nobody wants to eat where the floor looks dirty and moldy. Your entire home can feel more clean and sanitary after doing some serious cleaning to the tile and grout around your house.

  • With proper maintenance of tiles, your floors will never get back to the dull, dirty look that they had before the cleaning. With the noticeable change of your tile and grout, the confidence in the way you do business may change forever.


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